TOPPS Original 151 Series 1-3 Pokémon Complete Set



Topps Pokémon TV animation collectible cards complete master set, including all original 151 Pokémon from series 1, 2, and 3. Only includes the Pokémon cards, does not include all TV cards and episode cards. Cards are in lightly played to moderately played condition. Most cards are in lightly played condition. 

Includes a blend of black label, blue label, red label, and green label cards. Most cards are black label. In addition to the original 151 Pokémon TOPPS cards in series 1-3, the collection comes with TV1 Ash Ketchum, TV3 Misty, TV11 Meowth, TV12 Ekans/Arbok, TV13 Koffing/Weezing, EP 1, EP 9, EP 10, and EP 25 cards. 

The following cards are in Holo condition:

11 Metapod

14 Kakuna

27 Sandshrew

47 Parasect

54 Psyduck

58 Growlithe

63 Abra

67 Machoke

74 Geodude

83 Farfetch’d

112 Rhydon

119 Seaking

123 Scyther

124 Jynx

136 Flareon

142 Aerodactyl

EP 9