Celebrations Complete Set (25/25) 2021 (Mint/Near Mint)



Complete Pokémon tcg celebrations set (25/25). This set does not include any old school/classic celebrations remake cards - it only features the complete 25/25 Celebrations set. 

All cards are authentic ungraded (raw) Pokémon TCG Cards, with Near Mint conditions. Cards come protected in Ultra Pro 9-pocket binder sleeves. Send us an e-mail at info@pokemonsets.com or use the chat feature to ask for photos of the complete set for sale or any individual cards!

Below is a complete list of all cards included in the set. All cards are in English. 


1/25 Ho-Oh

2/25 Reshiram

3/25 Kyogre

4/25 Palkia 

5/25 Pikachu (Full Art)

6/25 Flying Pikachu V

7/25 Flying Pikachu Vmax

8/25 Surfing Pikachu V

9/25 Surfing Pikachu Vmax

10/25 Zekrom

11/25 Mew

12/25 Xerneas

13/25 Cosmog

14/25 Cosmoem

15/25 Lunala

16/25 Zacian V

17/25 Groudon

18/25 Zamazenta V

19/25 Yveltal

20/25 Dialga

21/25 Solgaleo

22/25 Lugia

23/25 Professor’s Research

24/25 Professor’s Research (Full Art)

25/25 Mew (Golden Secret Rare)