Chilling Reign Partially Complete Set (233/198) 2021 (176 Cards Total)



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Chilling Reign partially complete set. Includes cards 1-162, then various remaining cards as pictured and listed below. Set comes with extra energy cards and promo Eevee and Snorlax. 176 cards total are included in this partially complete set. This set was hand-collated and the cards are pack fresh in near mint condition. 

All cards are authentic, official Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) Cards. All cards are in English. All cards are raw (ungraded) unless otherwise stated. Cards are shipped protected in Ultra Pro 9-pocket binder sleeves.  Send us an e-mail at or use the chat feature to ask for photos of the complete set for sale or any individual cards! For more information be sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) section!

Below is a list of all cards included in the set, as well as their rarity. 

Chilling Reign
No. - Mark - Card name - Type - Rarity
001/198 E Weedle Grass Common (Nonholo)
002/198 E Kakuna Grass Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
003/198 E Beedrill Grass Rare Holo (Reverse Holo)
004/198 E Ledyba Grass Common (Reverse Holo)
005/198 E Ledian Grass Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
006/198 E Heracross Grass Common (Reverse Holo)
007/198 E Celebi V Grass Ultra-Rare Rare (Holo)
008/198 E Celebi VMAX Grass Rare VMAX (Holo)
009/198 E Snover Grass Common (Nonholo)
010/198 E Abomasnow Grass Rare (Reverse Holo)
011/198 E Deerling Grass Common (Reverse Holo)
012/198 E Sawsbuck Grass Rare (Nonholo)
013/198 E Bounsweet Grass Common (Nonholo)
014/198 E Steenee Grass Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
015/198 E Tsareena Grass Rare (Reverse Holo)
016/198 E Grookey Grass Common (Reverse Holo)
017/198 E Thwackey Grass Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
018/198 E Rillaboom Grass Rare Holo (Holo)
019/198 E Zarude Grass Rare Holo (Holo)
020/198 E Blaziken V Fire Ultra-Rare Rare (Holo)
021/198 E Blaziken VMAX Fire Rare VMAX (Holo)
022/198 E Castform Sunny Form Fire Common (Nonholo)
023/198 E Larvesta Fire Common (Reverse Holo)
024/198 E Volcarona Fire Rare (Nonholo)
025/198 E Volcanion V Fire Ultra-Rare Rare (Holo)
026/198 E Scorbunny Fire Common (Nonholo)
027/198 E Raboot Fire Uncommon (Nonholo)
028/198 E Cinderace Fire Rare Holo (Holo)
029/198 E Lapras Water Common (Nonholo)
030/198 E Sneasel Water Common (Reverse Holo)
031/198 E Weavile Water Rare Holo (Reverse Holo)
032/198 E Delibird Water Common (Nonholo)
033/198 E Castform Rainy Form Water Common (Reverse Holo)
034/198 E Castform Snowy Form Water Common (Nonholo)
035/198 E Snorunt Water Common (Nonholo)
036/198 E Froslass Water Rare Holo (Holo)
037/198 E Spheal Water Common (Nonholo)
038/198 E Sealeo Water Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
039/198 E Walrein Water Rare (Reverse Holo)
040/198 E Tapu Fini Water Rare Holo (Holo)
041/198 E Sobble Water Common (Nonholo)
042/198 E Drizzile Water Uncommon (Nonholo)
043/198 E Inteleon Water Rare Holo (Holo)
044/198 E Rapid Strike Urshifu Water Rare Holo (Reverse Holo)
045/198 E Ice Rider CalyrexV Water Ultra-Rare Rare (Holo)
046/198 E Ice Rider CalyrexVMAX Water Rare VMAX (Holo)
047/198 E Mareep Lightning Common (Nonholo)
048/198 E Flaaffy Lightning Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
049/198 E Ampharos Lightning Rare (Reverse Holo)
050/198 E Blitzle Lightning Common (Nonholo)
051/198 E Zebstrika Lightning Rare (Reverse Holo)
052/198 E Thundurus Lightning Rare (Holo)
053/198 E Zeraora V Lightning Ultra-Rare Rare (Holo)
054/198 E Galarian Slowpoke Psychic Common (Nonholo)
055/198 E Gastly Psychic Common (Nonholo)
056/198 E Haunter Psychic Uncommon (Nonholo)
057/198 E Gengar Psychic Rare (Holo)
058/198 E Galarian Articuno V Psychic Ultra-Rare Rare (Holo)
059/198 E Ralts Psychic Common (Reverse Holo)
060/198 E Kirlia Psychic Uncommon (Nonholo)
061/198 E Gardevoir Psychic Rare (Holo)
062/198 E Shuppet Psychic Common (Reverse Holo)
063/198 E Banette Psychic Rare (Reverse Holo)
064/198 E Cresselia Psychic Rare (Holo)
065/198 E Golett Psychic Common (Reverse Holo)
066/198 E Golurk Psychic Rare (Nonholo)
067/198 E Swirlix Psychic Common (Nonholo)
068/198 E Slurpuff Psychic Rare (Nonholo)
069/198 E Inkay Psychic Common (Reverse Holo)
070/198 E Malamar Psychic Rare (Reverse Holo)
071/198 E Hatenna Psychic Common (Reverse Holo)
072/198 E Hattrem Psychic Uncommon (Nonholo)
073/198 E Hatterene Psychic Rare (Holo)
074/198 E Shadow Rider Calyrex V Psychic Ultra-Rare Rare (Holo)
075/198 E Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX Psychic Rare VMAX (Holo)
076/198 E Diglett Fighting Common (Reverse Holo)
077/198 E Dugtrio Fighting Rare (Reverse Holo)
078/198 E Galarian Farfetch'd Fighting Common (Reverse Holo)
079/198 E Galarian Sirfetch'd Fighting Rare (Reverse Holo)
080/198 E Galarian Zapdos V Fighting Ultra-Rare Rare (Holo)
081/198 E Gallade Fighting Rare (Nonholo)
082/198 E Galarian Yamask Fighting Common (Reverse Holo)
083/198 E Galarian Runerigus Fighting Rare Holo (Reverse Holo)
084/198 E Crabrawler Fighting Common (Nonholo)
085/198 E Crabominable Fighting Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
086/198 E Rockruff Fighting Common (Reverse Holo)
087/198 E Lycanroc Fighting Rare (Holo)
088/198 E Passimian Fighting Rare (Nonholo)
089/198 E Sandaconda V Fighting Ultra-Rare Rare (Holo)
090/198 E Sandaconda VMAX Fighting Rare VMAX (Holo)
091/198 E Clobbopus Fighting Common (Reverse Holo)
092/198 E Grapploct Fighting Rare (Holo)
093/198 E Kubfu Fighting Common (Nonholo)
094/198 E Koffing Darkness Common (Nonholo)
095/198 E Weezing Darkness Rare (Nonholo)
096/198 E Galarian Weezing Darkness Rare (Nonholo)
097/198 E Galarian Moltres V Darkness Ultra-Rare Rare (Holo)
098/198 E Galarian Slowking Darkness Rare (Holo)
099/198 E Galarian Slowking V Darkness Ultra-Rare Rare (Holo)
100/198 E Galarian Slowking VMAX Darkness Rare VMAX (Holo)
101/198 E Qwilfish Darkness Common (Reverse Holo)
102/198 E Seviper Darkness Rare (Reverse Holo)
103/198 E Spiritomb Darkness Rare (Nonholo)
104/198 E Liepard V Darkness Ultra-Rare Rare (Holo)
105/198 E Venipede Darkness Common (Nonholo)
106/198 E Whirlipede Darkness Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
107/198 E Scolipede Darkness Rare (Reverse Holo)
108/198 E Single Strike Urshifu Darkness Rare (Holo)
109/198 E Aron Metal Common (Nonholo)
110/198 E Lairon Metal Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
111/198 E Aggron Metal Rare (Reverse Holo)
112/198 E Metagross V Metal Ultra-Rare Rare (Holo)
113/198 E Metagross VMAX Metal Rare VMAX (Holo)
114/198 E Cobalion Metal Rare (Holo)
115/198 E Tauros Colorless Rare Holo (Reverse Holo)
116/198 E Porygon Colorless Common (Reverse Holo)
117/198 E Porygon2 Colorless Uncommon (Nonholo)
118/198 E Porygon-Z Colorless Rare (Holo)
119/198 E Blissey V Colorless Ultra-Rare Rare (Holo)
120/198 E Zangoose Colorless Rare (Reverse Holo)
121/198 E Castform Colorless Common (Reverse Holo)
122/198 E Kecleon Colorless Rare (Reverse Holo)
123/198 E Shaymin Colorless Rare Holo (Holo)
124/198 E Tornadus V Colorless Ultra-Rare Rare (Holo)
125/198 E Tornadus VMAX Colorless Rare VMAX (Holo)
126/198 E Furfrou Colorless Common (Reverse Holo)
127/198 E Skwovet Colorless Common (Reverse Holo)
128/198 E Greedent Colorless Rare (Holo)
129/198 E Agatha Su Uncommon (Nonholo)
130/198 E Avery Su Uncommon (Nonholo)
131/198 E Brawly Su Uncommon (Nonholo)
132/198 E Caitlin Su Uncommon (Nonholo)
133/198 E Crushing Gloves I Uncommon (Nonholo)
134/198 E Doctor Su Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
135/198 E Dyna Tree Hill St Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
136/198 E Echoing Horn I Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
137/198 E Expedition Uniform I Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
138/198 E Fire-Resistant Gloves I Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
139/198 E Flannery Su Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
140/198 E Fog Crystal I Uncommon (Nonholo)
141/198 E Galarian Chestplate I Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
142/198 E Honey Su Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
143/198 E Justified Gloves I Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
144/198 E Karen's Conviction Su Uncommon (Nonholo)
145/198 E Klara Su Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
146/198 E Melony Su Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
147/198 E Old Cemetery St Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
148/198 E Path to the Peak St Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
149/198 E Peonia Su Uncommon (Nonholo)
150/198 E Peony Su Uncommon (Nonholo)
151/198 E Rapid Strike Scroll of the Skies I Uncommon (Nonholo)
152/198 E Rugged Helmet I Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
153/198 E Siebold Su Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
154/198 E Single Strike Scroll of Piercing I Uncommon
155/198 E Weeding Gloves I Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
156/198 E Welcoming Lantern I Uncommon (Nonholo)
157/198 E Impact Energy Colorless E Uncommon (Nonholo)
158/198 E Lucky Energy Colorless E Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
159/198 E Spiral Energy Colorless E Uncommon (Reverse Holo)
160/198 E Celebi V Grass Rare Ultra (Holo)
161/198 E Blaziken V Fire Rare Ultra (Holo)
162/198 E Volcanion V Fire Rare Ultra (Holo)
166/198 E ZeraoraV Lightning Rare Ultra (Holo)
176/198 E Galarian Moltres V Darkness Rare Ultra (Holo)
183/198 E Blissey V Colorless Rare Ultra (Holo)
188/198 E Brawly Su Rare Ultra (Holo)
192/198 E Honey Su Rare Ultra (Holo)
232/198 — Psychic Energy Psychic E Rare Secret (Holo)

The following cards are missing from this partial set: 

163/198 E Ice Rider Calyrex V Water Rare Ultra
164/198 E Ice Rider Calyrex V Water Rare Ultra
165/198 E Zeraora V Lightning Rare Ultra

167/198 E Galarian Rapidash V Psychic Rare Ultra
168/198 E Galarian Rapidash V Psychic Rare Ultra
169/198 E Galarian Articuno V Psychic Rare Ultra
170/198 E Galarian Articuno V Psychic Rare Ultra
171/198 E Shadow Rider Calyrex V Psychic Rare Ultra
172/198 E Shadow Rider Calyrex V Psychic Rare Ultra
173/198 E Galarian Zapdos V Fighting Rare Ultra
174/198 E Galarian Zapdos V Fighting Rare Ultra
175/198 E Sandaconda V Fighting Rare Ultra

177/198 E Galarian Moltres V Darkness Rare Ultra
178/198 E Galarian Slowking V Darkness Rare Ultra
179/198 E Galarian Slowking V Darkness Rare Ultra
180/198 E Liepard V Darkness Rare Ultra
181/198 E Metagross V Metal Rare Ultra
182/198 E Blissey V Colorless Rare Ultra

184/198 E Tornadus V Colorless Rare Ultra
185/198 E Tornadus V Colorless Rare Ultra
186/198 E Agatha Su Rare Ultra
187/198 E Avery Su Rare Ultra

189/198 E Caitlin Su Rare Ultra
190/198 E Doctor Su Rare Ultra
191/198 E Flannery Su Rare Ultra

193/198 E Karen's Conviction Su Rare Ultra
194/198 E Klara Su Rare Ultra
195/198 E Melony Su Rare Ultra
196/198 E Peonia Su Rare Ultra
197/198 E Peony Su Rare Ultra
198/198 E Siebold Su Rare Ultra
199/198 E Celebi VMAX Grass Rare Rainbow
200/198 E Blaziken VMAX Fire Rare Rainbow
201/198 E Blaziken VMAX Fire Rare Rainbow
202/198 E Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX Water Rare Rainbow
203/198 E Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX Water Rare Rainbow
204/198 E Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX Psychic Rare Rainbow
205/198 E Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX Psychic Rare Rainbow
206/198 E Sandaconda VMAX Fighting Rare Rainbow
207/198 E Galarian Slowking VMAX Darkness Rare Rainbow
208/198 E Metagross VMAX Metal Rare Rainbow
209/198 E Tornadus VMAX Colorless Rare Rainbow
210/198 E Agatha Su Rare Rainbow
211/198 E Avery Su Rare Rainbow
212/198 E Brawly Su Rare Rainbow
213/198 E Caitlin Su Rare Rainbow
214/198 E Doctor Su Rare Rainbow
215/198 E Flannery Su Rare Rainbow
216/198 E Karen's Conviction Su Rare Rainbow
217/198 E Klara Su Rare Rainbow
218/198 E Melony Su Rare Rainbow
219/198 E Peonia Su Rare Rainbow
220/198 E Peony Su Rare Rainbow
221/198 E Siebold Su Rare Rainbow
222/198 D Electrode Lightning Rare Secret
223/198 E Bronzong Metal Rare Secret
224/198 D Snorlax Colorless Rare Secret
225/198 E Echoing Horn I Rare Secret
226/198 E Fan of Waves I Rare Secret
227/198 E Fog Crystal I Rare Secret
228/198 E Rugged Helmet I Rare Secret
229/198 E Urn of Vitality I Rare Secret
230/198 E Welcoming Lantern I Rare Secret
231/198 — Water Energy Water E Rare Secret

233/198 — Fighting Energy Fighting E Rare Secret