Arcanine Complete Master Set (46) 1999-2020



Pokemon TCG Complete Master Set. Includes every version of every unlimited Arcanine card ever created (no 1st edition or staff cards). This includes 46 holofoil, reverse holofoil, promo, and normal cards. Made for the Arcanine fanatic - this is a specialty set created specifically for those with a love for the first "legendary" Pokémon. Fun fact - this is the personal favorite collection of the creator of PokemonSets.Com, whose favorite Pokémon is Arcanine!

All cards are authentic, official Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) Cards. All cards are in English. All cards are raw (ungraded) unless otherwise stated. Card conditions range from Near Mint to Moderately Played. Cards are shipped protected in Ultra Pro 9-pocket binder sleeves.  Send us an e-mail at or use the chat feature to ask for photos of the complete set for sale or any individual cards! For more information be sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) section!

Below is a complete list of all Arcanine Cards included in the set. 

Arcanine Set Name
Base Set Shadowless
Base Set
Base Set 2
Legendary Collection (Reverse Holo)
WOTC Black Star Promo
Aquapolis (H2/H32)
Aquapolis (2/147) RF
Skyridge (H2/H32)
Skyridge (3/144) RF
EX Sandstorm (15/100)
EX FireRed & LeafGreen (18/112)
EX Trainer Kit 2: Plusle & Minun
Secret Wonders (22/132) RF
Rising Rivals (1/111)
Supreme Victors (50/147) RF
HeartGold &SoulSilver RF
HeartGold &SoulSilver
Next Destinies (12/99) RF
Next Destinies (12/99) Prerelease Holo
Next Destinies (13/99)
BREAKpoint (11/122)
Evolutions (18/108)
Sun & Moon (22/149)
Sun & Moon (22/149) Reverse Foil
Unbroken Bonds (22/214)
Unbroken Bonds Reverse Foil (22/214)
Detective Pikachu (6/18)
Rebel Clash (28/192)
Blaine's Arcanine (1/132)
Light Arcanine (12/105)
Arcanine EX (83/92)
Arcanine G (15/147) RF
Arcanine BREAK (XY Black Star Promos)
Arcanine G (League Promo) RF
Arcanine G (DPPt Supreme Victors)
Arcanine G Supreme Victors (12/147) RF