Neo Genesis Complete Master Set (111/111) 2000

Neo Genesis Complete Master Set (111/111) 2000
Neo Genesis Complete Master Set (111/111) 2000
Neo Genesis Complete Master Set (111/111) 2000
Neo Genesis Complete Master Set (111/111) 2000
Neo Genesis Complete Master Set (111/111) 2000
Neo Genesis Complete Master Set (111/111) 2000
Neo Genesis Complete Master Set (111/111) 2000
Neo Genesis Complete Master Set (111/111) 2000
Neo Genesis Complete Master Set (111/111) 2000
Neo Genesis Complete Master Set (111/111) 2000



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Pokemon TCG Neo Genesis Complete Master Set. Includes all 111 Neo Genesis cards, except for number 37 Granbull which is not included. 

All cards are authentic ungraded (raw) Pokémon TCG Cards, with approximate conditions ranging from Near Mint to Moderately Played. Most cards we sell are in Lightly Played condition. Cards come protected in Ultra Pro 9-pocket binder sleeves.  Send us an e-mail at or use the chat feature to ask for photos of the complete set for sale or any individual cards!

Below is a list of all cards included in the set, sourced from Bulbapedia. All cards are in English. 

Neo Genesis
SetSymbolNeo Genesis.png
No. Card name Type Rarity
1/111 Ampharos Lightning Rare Holo
2/111 Azumarill Water Rare Holo
3/111 Bellossom Grass Rare Holo
4/111 Feraligatr Water Rare Holo
5/111 Feraligatr Water Rare Holo
6/111 Heracross Grass Rare Holo
7/111 Jumpluff Grass Rare Holo
8/111 Kingdra Water Rare Holo
9/111 Lugia Colorless Rare Holo
10/111 Meganium Grass Rare Holo
11/111 Meganium Grass Rare Holo
12/111 Pichu Lightning Rare Holo
13/111 Skarmory Metal Rare Holo
14/111 Slowking Psychic Rare Holo
15/111 Steelix Metal Rare Holo
16/111 Togetic Colorless Rare Holo
17/111 Typhlosion Fire Rare Holo
18/111 Typhlosion Fire Rare Holo
19/111 Metal Energy Metal E Rare Holo
20/111 Cleffa Colorless Rare
21/111 Donphan Fighting Rare
22/111 Elekid Lightning Rare
23/111 Magby Fire Rare
24/111 Murkrow Darkness Rare
25/111 Sneasel Darkness Rare
26/111 Aipom Colorless Uncommon
27/111 Ariados Grass Uncommon
28/111 Bayleef Grass Uncommon
29/111 Bayleef Grass Uncommon
30/111 Clefairy Colorless Uncommon
31/111 Croconaw Water Uncommon
32/111 Croconaw Water Uncommon
33/111 Electabuzz Lightning Uncommon
34/111 Flaaffy Lightning Uncommon
35/111 Furret Colorless Uncommon
36/111 Gloom Grass Uncommon
37/111 Granbull Colorless Uncommon
38/111 Lanturn Lightning Uncommon
39/111 Ledian Grass Uncommon
40/111 Magmar Fire Uncommon
41/111 Miltank Colorless Uncommon
42/111 Noctowl Colorless Uncommon
43/111 Phanpy Fighting Uncommon
44/111 Piloswine Water Uncommon
45/111 Quagsire Water Uncommon
46/111 Quilava Fire Uncommon
47/111 Quilava Fire Uncommon
48/111 Seadra Water Uncommon
49/111 Skiploom Grass Uncommon
50/111 Sunflora Grass Uncommon
51/111 Togepi Colorless Uncommon
52/111 Xatu Psychic Uncommon
53/111 Chikorita Grass Common
54/111 Chikorita Grass Common
55/111 Chinchou Lightning Common
56/111 Cyndaquil Fire Common
57/111 Cyndaquil Fire Common
58/111 Girafarig Psychic Common
59/111 Gligar Fighting Common
60/111 Hoothoot Colorless Common
61/111 Hoppip Grass Common
62/111 Horsea Water Common
63/111 Ledyba Grass Common
64/111 Mantine Water Common
65/111 Mareep Lightning Common
66/111 Marill Water Common
67/111 Natu Psychic Common
68/111 Oddish Grass Common
69/111 Onix Fighting Common
70/111 Pikachu Lightning Common
71/111 Sentret Colorless Common
72/111 Shuckle Grass Common
73/111 Slowpoke Psychic Common
74/111 Snubbull Colorless Common
75/111 Spinarak Grass Common
76/111 Stantler Colorless Common
77/111 Sudowoodo Fighting Common
78/111 Sunkern Grass Common
79/111 Swinub Water Common
80/111 Totodile Water Common
81/111 Totodile Water Common
82/111 Wooper Water Common
83/111 Arcade Game T [GC] Rare
84/111 Ecogym T [St] Rare
85/111 Energy Charge T Rare
86/111 Focus Band T [Tool] Rare
87/111 Mary T Rare
88/111 PokéGear T Rare
89/111 Super Energy Retrieval T Rare
90/111 Time Capsule T Rare
91/111 Bill's Teleporter T Uncommon
92/111 Card-Flip Game T [GC] Uncommon
93/111 Gold Berry T [Tool] Uncommon
94/111 Miracle Berry T [Tool] Uncommon
95/111 New Pokédex T Uncommon
96/111 Professor Elm T Uncommon
97/111 Sprout Tower T [St] Uncommon
98/111 Super Scoop Up T Uncommon
99/111 Berry T [Tool] Common
100/111 Double Gust T Common
101/111 Moo-Moo Milk T Common
102/111 Pokémon March T Common
103/111 Super Rod T Common
104/111 Darkness Energy Darkness E Rare
105/111 Recycle Energy Colorless E Rare
106/111 Fighting Energy Fighting E
107/111 Fire Energy Fire E
108/111 Grass Energy Grass E
109/111 Lightning Energy Lightning E
110/111 Psychic Energy Psychic E
111/111 Water Energy Water E