Neo Discovery Complete Master Set (75/75) 2001



Pokémon TCG Neo Discovery Complete Master Set (75/75). Includes all 75 Neo Discovery cards. Cards range from near mint to moderately played played condition. Most cards in this set are in fantastic condition. 


All cards are authentic ungraded (raw) Pokémon TCG cards. Cards come protected in Ultra Pro 9-pocket binder sleeves.  Send us an e-mail at or use the chat feature to ask for photos of the complete set for sale or any individual cards!

Below is a list of cards included in the set, sourced from Bulbapedia. All cards are in English. 

Neo Discovery
SetSymbolNeo Discovery.png
1/75 Espeon Psychic Rare Holo
2/75 Forretress Metal Rare Holo
3/75 Hitmontop Fighting Rare Holo
4/75 Houndoom Darkness Rare Holo
5/75 Houndour Fire Rare Holo
6/75 Kabutops Water Rare Holo
7/75 Magnemite Metal Rare Holo
8/75 Politoed Water Rare Holo
9/75 Poliwrath Fighting Rare Holo
10/75 Scizor Metal Rare Holo
11/75 Smeargle Colorless Rare Holo
12/75 Tyranitar Darkness Rare Holo
13/75 Umbreon Darkness Rare Holo
14/75 Unown A Psychic Rare Holo
15/75 Ursaring Colorless Rare Holo
16/75 Wobbuffet Psychic Rare Holo
17/75 Yanma Grass Rare Holo
18/75 Beedrill Grass Rare
19/75 Butterfree Grass Rare
20/75 Espeon Psychic Rare
21/75 Forretress Metal Rare
22/75 Hitmontop Fighting Rare
23/75 Houndoom Darkness Rare
24/75 Houndour Fire Rare
25/75 Kabutops Water Rare
26/75 Magnemite Metal Rare
27/75 Politoed Water Rare
28/75 Poliwrath Fighting Rare
29/75 Scizor Metal Rare
30/75 Smeargle Colorless Rare
31/75 Tyranitar Darkness Rare
32/75 Umbreon Darkness Rare
33/75 Unown A Psychic Rare
34/75 Ursaring Colorless Rare
35/75 Wobbuffet Psychic Rare
36/75 Yanma Grass Rare
37/75 Corsola Water Uncommon
38/75 Eevee Colorless Uncommon
39/75 Houndour Darkness Uncommon
40/75 Igglybuff Colorless Uncommon
41/75 Kakuna Grass Uncommon
42/75 Metapod Grass Uncommon
43/75 Omastar Fighting Uncommon
44/75 Poliwhirl Water Uncommon
45/75 Pupitar Fighting Uncommon
46/75 Scyther Grass Uncommon
47/75 Unown D Psychic Uncommon
48/75 Unown F Psychic Uncommon
49/75 Unown M Psychic Uncommon
50/75 Unown N Psychic Uncommon
51/75 Unown U Psychic Uncommon
52/75 Xatu Psychic Uncommon
53/75 Caterpie Grass Common
54/75 Dunsparce Colorless Common
55/75 Hoppip Grass Common
56/75 Kabuto Water Common
57/75 Larvitar Fighting Common
58/75 Mareep Lightning Common
59/75 Natu Psychic Common
60/75 Omanyte Fighting Common
61/75 Pineco Grass Common
62/75 Poliwag Water Common
63/75 Sentret Colorless Common
64/75 Spinarak Grass Common
65/75 Teddiursa Colorless Common
66/75 Tyrogue Fighting Common
67/75 Unown E Psychic Common
68/75 Unown I Psychic Common
69/75 Unown O Psychic Common
70/75 Weedle Grass Common
71/75 Wooper Water Common
72/75 Fossil Egg T Uncommon
73/75 Hyper Devolution Spray T Uncommon
74/75 Ruin Wall T Uncommon
75/75 Energy Ark T Common