Champion's Path Complete Set (80/73) 2020



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Champion's Path Complete Set (80/73). Includes PSA Graded 9 CP Charizards. Set ranges from Mint to NM Condition.

Below is a list of cards included in the set, sourced from Bulbapedia. All cards are in English. 

Champion's Path
SetSymbolChampion Path.png
No. Card name Type Rarity
001/073 VenusaurV Grass Ultra-Rare Rare
002/073 Weedle Grass Common
003/073 Kakuna Grass Common
004/073 Beedrill Grass Uncommon
005/073 EldegossV Grass Ultra-Rare Rare
006/073 Vulpix Fire Common
007/073 Victini Fire Uncommon
008/073 IncineroarV Fire Ultra-Rare Rare
009/073 Sizzlipede Fire Common
010/073 Centiskorch Fire Rare Holo
011/073 Carvanha Water Common
012/073 Sharpedo Water Uncommon
013/073 WailordV Water Ultra-Rare Rare
014/073 DrednawV Water Ultra-Rare Rare
015/073 DrednawVMAX Water Ultra-Rare Rare
016/073 GardevoirV Psychic Ultra-Rare Rare
017/073 GardevoirVMAX Psychic Ultra-Rare Rare
018/073 Hatenna Psychic Common
019/073 Hattrem Psychic Uncommon
020/073 Hatterene Psychic Rare Holo
021/073 Galarian CursolaV Psychic Ultra-Rare Rare
022/073 AlcremieV Psychic Ultra-Rare Rare
023/073 AlcremieVMAX Psychic Ultra-Rare Rare
024/073 Machop Fighting Common
025/073 Machoke Fighting Uncommon
026/073 Machamp Fighting Rare Holo
027/073 LucarioV Fighting Ultra-Rare Rare
028/073 Zygarde Fighting Rare Holo
029/073 Rockruff Fighting Common
030/073 Lycanroc Fighting Rare Holo
031/073 Rolycoly Fighting Common
032/073 GrapploctV Fighting Ultra-Rare Rare
033/073 Ekans Darkness Common
034/073 Arbok Darkness Uncommon
035/073 Galarian Zigzagoon Darkness Common
036/073 Galarian Linoone Darkness Common
037/073 Galarian Obstagoon Darkness Rare Holo
038/073 Absol Darkness Uncommon
039/073 Purrloin Darkness Common
040/073 Liepard Darkness Uncommon
041/073 Scraggy Darkness Common
042/073 Scrafty Darkness Rare Holo
043/073 Trubbish Darkness Common
044/073 Inkay Darkness Common
045/073 Malamar Darkness Uncommon
046/073 Nickit Darkness Common
047/073 DuraludonV Metal Ultra-Rare Rare
048/073 Swablu Colorless Common
049/073 Altaria Colorless Rare Holo
050/073 Bede Su Uncommon
051/073 Full Heal I Common
052/073 Great Ball I Uncommon
053/073 Hop Su Uncommon
054/073 Hyper Potion I Uncommon
055/073 Kabu Su Uncommon
056/073 Marnie Su Rare Holo
057/073 Milo Su Uncommon
058/073 Piers Su Uncommon
059/073 Poké Ball I Common
060/073 Pokémon Center Lady Su Uncommon
061/073 Potion I Common
062/073 Professor's Research Su Rare Holo
063/073 Rotom Bike I Uncommon
064/073 Rotom Phone I Uncommon
065/073 Sonia Su Uncommon
066/073 Suspicious Food Tin I Uncommon
067/073 Team Yell Grunt Su Uncommon
068/073 Turffield Stadium St Uncommon
069/073 DrednawV Water Rare Ultra
070/073 GardevoirV Psychic Rare Ultra
071/073 Galarian CursolaV Psychic Rare Ultra
072/073 GrapploctV Fighting Rare Ultra
073/073 Hop Su Rare Ultra
074/073 CharizardVMAX Fire Rare Secret
075/073 DrednawVMAX Water Rare Secret
076/073 GardevoirVMAX Psychic Rare Secret
077/073 Kabu Su Rare Secret
078/073 Piers Su Rare Secret
079/073 CharizardV Fire Rare Secret
080/073 Suspicious Food Tin I Rare Secret